Beautiful Things I've Made.

I’m sure you’ve already decided that working together would be a great idea, but just in case, you can check out a selection of my creations below.

What would you like to see?

I can build websites from scratch using HTML/CSS/Javascript or using content management systems such as Wordpress. I pride myself on creating websites with carefully crafted journeys that provide excellent user experiences. I also specialise in ultra-fluid responsive websites that smoothly resize for every browser and device.

Currently I work in-house at Avon Cosmetics as a B2B Digital Designer, creating web pages and e-mails for Avon's Representatives. Because this isn't content that's available to the public, I can't share it here. However some is available to view on request, so get in touch if you're interested!

You can buy any of these designs on my Etsy store - click here to shop now!

You can buy any of these designs on my Redbubble store - click here to shop now!

Let's get personal

Great design is just as much about teamwork and communication as it is about skill, which is why I'm a firm believer in a friendly, personable approach. When you're looking for a designer, you want someone who can understand your values, share your enthusiasm, and come at your project with passion.

Why not read a bit more about me and get a feel for what I'm like as a person; and take a look at what my other clients have said about me while you're at it. I'm sure you'll realise that we're a great fit for each other!

Who am I?